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The topic of medical cannabis arouses the interest of many readers from several points of view. In particular, the wide range of possible applications of cannabis medicines as a therapeutic alternative for serious illnesses has repeatedly brought the topic to the attention of various medical professionals and patients.

But also from an economic point of view as well as for the political department, medical cannabis and cannabinoid-based medicinal products offer a wide range of relevant topics. However, due to today’s information overload, it can often be difficult for journalists to filter out the really important news about medical cannabis and to classify it in a scientifically correct way.

As the market leader and one of the first pharmaceutical companies in this field, we have unique expertise and are actively shaping the market. Please feel free to send specific questions by e-mail to at any time. We at Cannamedical Pharma GmbH support media representatives of all kinds with exclusive statements, expert opinions and high-quality images!

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Cannamedical Testimonial David Henn

David Henn, Founder and CEO

JPG, Portrait format

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David Henn, Founder and CEO

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David Henn, Founder and CEO

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Cannamedical Presse Schriftzug 800 800

Cannamedical Lettering, Office in the Cologne Tower

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Kölnturm mit blauem Himmel

Kölnturm, headquarters of Cannamedical Pharma GmbH

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Cannamedical Presse Patientenausweis

Cannamedical patient ID card, as of spring 2022

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Cannamedical® Pharma Logo

Cannamedical Logo

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Cannamedical Presse Cannacademy Logo

CannAcademy Logo

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Cannamedical Presse Logo Semdor

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This is Cannamedical Pharma GmbH



Cannamedical® Pharma GmbH

Year of foundation



David Henn




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Continuing to grow


Cannamedical Pharma GmbH, based in Cologne, was founded in November 2016 by David Henn with the goal of improving the quality of life of patients through cannabinoid-based medicines. Since then, Cannamedical Pharma GmbH has become the leading GDP- and GMP-certified pharmaceutical producer with all permits for import, wholesale and distribution of medical cannabis products on the European market.

Since January 2021, it has been part of the Semdor Pharma Group, which also includes the PS Group – consisting of PS Pharma Service GmbH, PB Pharma GmbH and PS Marketing & Outsourcing GmbH. The company now has over 50 employees, and the entire group of companies has over 170.

Cannamedical Pharma imports high-quality medical cannabis products from various countries and distributes them to around 4,000 national pharmacies and clinical facilities in Germany. To ensure the highest pharmaceutical quality standards at all times, all production partners comply with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines. Cannamedical Pharma itself guarantees these standards with its quality management and is GDP-certified (Good Distribution Practice), which means that the entire supply chain from the agricultural environment to the pharmacy is guaranteed.

In addition to ensuring the supply of medical cannabis medicines to patients, the company focuses on educating medical and pharmaceutical professionals through, for example, its own medical education platform “CannAcademy”, as well as on further development and research in the field of medical cannabis. To this end, Cannamedical Pharma is working with leading specialists to develop new cannabinoid-based medicines and is conducting a study to expand knowledge in the field of medical cannabis and generate evidence for its use.

Start of the first non-interventional study ESCAPE

In 2022, we started conducting our first non-interventional pain therapy study ESCAPE (Extract Study by Cannamedical about Pain Ease). The goal of the study is to improve evidence-based therapy with cannabinoids and to expand knowledge on individual course, tolerability and safety. Continued development of cannabis therapy, research into its efficacy, and assurance of product safety will enable long-term treatment success.

Spring 2022

Patent registration submitted for innovative ready-to-use medicinal product

In Fall 2021, we at Cannamedical Pharma GmbH successfully submitted the patent registration for a new, innovative ready-to-use medicinal product with medicinal cannabis, thus once again demonstrating our innovative strength and leading role in the research and development of forward-looking products in the interest of optimal patient care. This is particularly good news for patients with severe, chronic diseases, as gentle yet effective forms of therapy have a significant impact on their quality of life.


Transformation into the Semdor Pharma Group

The merger of Cannamedical Pharma GmbH and PS Group – including subsidiaries PS Pharma Service, PB Pharma and PS Marketing & Outsourcing – has created one of the leading pharmaceutical groups in Europe: Semdor Pharma Group. With this merger, Semdor offers European wholesalers, suppliers and pharmacies the widest range of narcotics (both synthetic and natural) and the largest selection of market-leading import, handling, packaging and formulation services for narcotics and medical cannabis.


Founding member of the BPC

On September 16 in Berlin, Germany’s leading cannabinoid companies joined forces to form the Bundesverband pharmazeutischer Cannabinoidunternehmen e.V. (BPC). The BPC is primarily committed to the interests of patients and their optimal care across the entire spectrum of medical cannabis. Thus, primarily research and development of medical cannabis and its establishment in the health care system shall be actively promoted by the association.


Start of the education platform CannAcademy

The CannAcademy is the customized training concept of Cannamedical Pharma GmbH for medical and pharmaceutical professionals. Since March 2020, we have been offering free training courses on the topic of “Cannabis as Medicine” as part of the CannAcademy, thus providing additional educational work and targeted knowledge building for experts who are significantly involved in the therapy of medical cannabis patients.


“Medicinal cannabis” law comes now into effect

On March 10, 2017, the amendment to the Narcotics Act entered into legal effect. Since then, doctors of all specialties – except veterinarians and dentists – have been allowed to prescribe cannabis to their patients. The costs for this can be covered by the health insurance.


Foundation of Cannamedical Pharma GmbH

Cannamedical Pharma GmbH was founded by David Henn in Cologne at the end of 2016, making it one of the first companies in Germany to specialize in the import and distribution of medical cannabis to Germany.

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David Henn
Gründer und Geschäftsführer

Für viele Menschen spielen das wachsende Ökologiebewusstsein und die Erwartungen, den eigenen Körper mit möglichst vielen natürlichen Produkten zu versorgen, eine immer bedeutendere Rolle – auch in der Medizin. Medizinalcannabis vereint diese gesellschaftliche Entwicklung mit medizinischer Evidenz. Grund genug für uns, den wissenschaftlichen Service insbesondere für Ärzte und Apotheken zu stärken, um eine optimale Patient:innenversorgung sicherzustellen.

David Henn
Gründer und Geschäftsführer

Wir leisten gerne Pionierarbeit, um Patienten ganzheitlich zu verstehen und Therapieverfahren auf die individuellen Bedürfnisse abzustimmen. Sei es bei der Behandlung von Schmerzzuständen, einer partiellen Substitution anderer starker Medikamente oder einer Förderung gesunden Schlafs und folglich einer ganzheitlichen Steigerung der Lebensqualität. Das alles berücksichtigen wir in der Gestaltung unserer modernen Therapieverfahren.

Dr. Yvonne von Coburg
Chief Medical Officer

Unser Anliegen ist es die relevanten Fachgruppen wie Ärzte, MFA, Apotheker sowie Behörden wissensbasiert zu informieren und durch unsere Expertise den Arbeitsalltag des Fachpersonals zu erleichtern und gezielt zu fördern. Weiterhin ist es uns wichtig durch unsere umfangreiche Aufklärungsarbeit der GKV und MDK den Zugang zu einer Therapie mit Medizinalcannabis für Patienten nachhaltig zu verbessern und sicherzustellen.

Burak Seckinok
Head of Pharmacy Sales

Um die medizinische Versorgung der Patienten sicherzustellen, steht für Cannamedical der wissenschaftliche und fachliche Service für medizinisches und pharmazeutisches Fachpersonal an erster Stelle. Es freut mich sehr, dass wir in der CannAcademy maßgeschneiderte Trainingsmodule für Apothekerinnen, Apotheker und PTA anbieten, die Antworten auf Fragen zum Handling mit Medizinalcannabis in der Apotheke geben.

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