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We offer the most comprehensive product portfolio in the field of medicinal cannabis: from high-quality cannabis varieties to cannabis extracts with the highest total quantity of active ingredients.


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Our product portfolio consists of different, high-quality flowers of the hemp plant for medicinal purposes, innovative cannabis extracts as well as a CBD recipe kit for the production of an oily cannabidiol solution. Since cannabis is assigned to Annex III of the narcotics legislation, we are not allowed to make any public references to the products or even engage in promotional activities.

Furthermore, as a supplier, we are not allowed to provide the public with more detailed product descriptions or information, such as illustrations. Thank you for your understanding. Specialists, on the other hand, are welcome to ask for comprehensive information about our products.

Pharmacists should contact our customer service directly at +49 221 999 96 – 125 with specific questions about our products or to place an order.

Physicians have the opportunity to obtain specialist advice from our medical hotline. Our trained team of experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our products, their efficacy and prescriptions. Our specialists will also be happy to advise you in person at your practice. You can reach the free physician hotline by calling +49 221 999 96 – 160.

Medical Cannabis

The products we sell consist of the dried flower of the hemp plant and a CBD recipe kit for the production of an oily cannabidiol solution.

Full spectrum extracts

Our innovative cannabis extracts offer physicians entirely new therapeutic opportunities.

Highest quality

Safety is extremely important to us! Therefore our products fulfill the highest pharmaceutical quality standards worldwide.

Information for professionals

Our team of experts will be happy to provide you with comprehensive information about our products.
Cannamedical®-pharmacist consultation: +49 221 / 9999 6125
Cannamedical®-doctor consultation: +49 221 / 9999 6160

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Detailed information about our products, their mode of action and possible applications are reserved exclusively for medical and pharmaceutical professionals. You can verify yourself with your Cannamedical account as well as with your DocCheck login data.


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For the best possible therapy for your patients

Cannabis extracts

Medical cannabis can be prescribed in the form of dried cannabis flowers or in the form of a high-quality cannabis extract, among other things. Our cannabis extracts open up new therapeutic options for physicians for individual treatment. The constant composition of the active ingredient and the enclosed dosing pipettes help to ensure simple and precise application.

Only GMP-certified production facilities within the European Union are used for manufacturing, so that we can always guarantee the consistently high pharmaceutical quality of our extracts thanks to controlled testing.

Dauerhaft im Cannamedical-Produktsortiment


Since February 01, 2022, pharmacists and clinical facilities can now order dronabinol directly from us, in addition to our high-quality medical cannabis flowers and our full-spectrum extracts. These underscore our unique position as a one-stop shop for sourcing medical cannabis products.

Advantages of dronabinol

  • Established in therapeutic use
  • Broad spectrum of application
  • Constant concentration of active ingredient

Validated for ALL products distributed by Cannamedical®


With our THC/CBD ID test kit, pharmaceutical professionals can easily and reliably detect the identity of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol in THC- and/or CBD-containing prescription substances. It consists of a THC rapid test and a CBD rapid test for single use. Thus, the ID-Test-Set represents an inexpensive, fast and particularly pharmacy-usable alternative to the previous identity testing by means of thin-layer chromatography (DC).

The special feature of our THC/CBD ID-Test-Set is that the identity testing is not only limited to cannabis flowers or cannabis extracts: Our rapid test has been validated for all THC- and/or CBD-containing prescription substances of Cannamedical® Pharma GmbH.

For more safety in everyday life

Cannamedical® patient id card

The Cannamedical® patient ID card supports the patient in being able to prove that he or she is allowed to possess medicinal cannabis prescribed by a doctor and is entitled to ingest it for medical reasons. This creates security and transparency.

Upon application, the attending physician and the issuing pharmacist have confirmed that the medical cannabis product designated on the front has been properly prescribed and legally dispensed to the patient registered on this card.

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  • Einfache und exakte Dosierung ✔️
  • Reduzierte Therapiekosten ✔️

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